Tools manufacturing

FormService is also leading supplier of injection tools and die tools to customers in Russia. We deliver high quality tools with full turn-key solution (logistics, assistance during production start-up, tool adjustment, modifications in Russia).


Our Chinese exclusive partner – leading toolmaking company HISENSE – with yearly production capacities of 1500 injection tools and 500 die  tools has vast experience in manufacturing tools for automotive industry, home appliances, electronics, communication.

High skills and experience Engineering services

Mould Flow, Engineering analysis

Gas assisted Tool

Stack Moulds

Hisense owns injection technology and processing technics of all sizes of 2K injection and over mould.

The company is equipped by 160T,360T, 1000T,1600T 2K injection machine

Examples of Bumpers, Central Panels and Instrument Panels tools

Examples of Door Panel Tools:

Other examples of tools:

If your goal is to find a qualified and experienced toolmaker in Russia we are glad to present you our Russian business partner AviaCAM –  a toolmaking plant producing plastic injection moulds, thermoforming tools, PU foaming moulds and other types of tools. Quality and complexity level of its production is defined by the main customers – automotive and aerospace industries.


AviaCAM uses and continually improves its special project management software system that makes it possible to control all projects in on-line mode and to act promptly in case of any issue concerning quality or timing.

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